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  1. title page
  2. Outline
  3. 1.Theoretical GFD
  4. Time Dependent Solution for the Vertical Velocity
  5. Linear Solutions: u, w, p, b (buoyancy)
  6. Propagation Is Largely Horizontal
  7. Linear Solutions: u, w, p, b (buoyancy)
  8. Why Is the Propagation Horizontal?
  9. 2.Meso-beta Scale Squall-Line Structure
  10. In Cloud Static Stability
  11. Dynamical Influence of the Time-Averaged Heating in the Leading Convective Line
  12. Heating
  13. Storm-Relative Horizontal Velocity
  14. Stratosphere vs. No Stratosphere
  15. Top of the Cirrus Anvil
  16. Linear Response to Fixed Heating
  17. Squall Lines in 3D
  18. 2-hr Averaged Heating (f=0) & Instantaneous Horizontal Winds (f0)
  19. Mid-Troposphere Vertical Displacements at t=6 hr
  20. Asymmetric Response to Steady Symmetric Heating
  21. 3.Radiative impacts of thin cirrus near the tropical tropopause
  22. What Is Thin Cirrus?
  23. Thin Cirrus Are Efficient Absorbers in the Infra-Red
  24. Radiative Heating Profile
  25. Thin Cirrus Observations
  26. Thin Cirrus As Seen by LITE (Lidar In space Technology Experiment)
  27. Spatial Distribution of High Clouds
  28. Thin Cirrus Origins
  29. Convective outflow
  30. Importance of Thin Cirrus I: Stratospheric Dehydration
  31. Importance of Thin Cirrus II: Radiative Effects
  32. Previous Work: Jensen et al., 1996
  33. Previous Work: Rosenfield et al., 1998
  34. Previous Work: Boehm et al., 1999
  35. What Is the Mesoscale Response to IR Heating of Thin Cirrus?
  36. Computational Strategy
  37. Cloud resolving model
  38. Radiative transfer model
  39. Model Parameters
  40. Initial Thermodynamic Sounding
  41. Evolution of the Cloud over 6 Hours
  42. Initial Cloud Field (at 18 min)
  43. Final Cloud Field (at 5.9 hrs)
  44. Evolution of the Cloud over 6 Hours
  45. Vertical Velocity at 1 hr
  46. Vertical Velocity at 2 hrs
  47. Vertical Velocity at 4 hrs
  48. Vertical Velocity at 6 hrs
  49. Radiative Heating at 6 hrs
  50. Evolution of theta and the Cloud Edge
  51. Temperature Perturbations and the Cloud Edge
  52. Evolution of theta and the Cloud Edge
  53. Thermally forced gravity waves
  54. Conclusions
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