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About this site

Here, Dennou Ruby products and related softwares are distributed in the form of Fink packages. You can use the packages freely and with self-responsibility. My packages support only Intel Mac, however, most of the packages can be used on PowerPC without (or with a little) modification. Hope these packages make it easier to install Dennou Ruby Products on your Mac. If you prefer MacPorts rather than Fink, please download the MacPorts packages (for Leopard) maintained by Hiroki Yamamoto in Kyoto University.

System Requirements

I've verified that the packages work correctly on the systems summarized below. I have no plan to make packages for older versions of MacOSX. However I could help you about installing Dennou Ruby Prodcuts on old MacOSX systems, so please feel free to send questions to me by e-mail.

List of Packages

Available packages are listed below.

Products developed by GFD Dennou Club / Dennou Ruby Project

Name of PackageSoftwareVersionDescription
dclDCL5.3.2GFD-Dennou Library in Fortran 77
dcl-cDCL/C5.3.3GFD-Dennou Library in C
ruby-netcdfRuby/NetCDF0.6.3Ruby interface to NetCDF libraries
narray-missNArrayMiss1.1.2An extention for NArray that supports manipulation of missing values.
ruby-dclRuby/DCL1.6.0Ruby interface to GFD-Dennou Library
numru-miscNumRu/Misc0.0.6Miscellaneous functions
numru-unitsNumRu/Units1.5Ruby library to manipulate physical units
numru-metNumRu/Met0.0.2Meteorological application library in Ruby
gavegave1.2.2Data analysis/visualization Tool with Ruby/Gtk
gphysGPhys0.6.1Ruby library to manipulate grid data
ruby-fftw3Ruby/FFTW30.2Ruby interface for FFTW3 library

Related products

narrayNArray0.5.9p6Ruby library for Numerical Array
ruby-gtk2Ruby/gtk20.18.1Ruby interface for Gtk+2
ruby-gnome2Ruby/GNOME20.18.1Ruby interface for GNOME2
rb-gslRuby/GSL1.10.2Ruby interface for Gnu Scientific Library
rcairorcairo1.8.0Ruby interface for Cairo

How to use - installation guide -

Fink & Xcode

To use packages distributed here, XCode (a development environment for OSX, which includes gcc, gdb, etc.) and Fink (a package management system working on OSX) are required. Please refer "Fink - Download and Quick Start" and complete installation and configuration for XCode and Fink before you introduce our packages.

Use of our packages

Overview of Fink package management system

First, let me give a brief summary of the way Fink manages the packages. I believe this would help you to introduce "local packages", such as ones distributed here. Basically, Fink does things in the similar way to Debian GNU/Linux, namely, Fink uses "dpkg" internally. Lovely commands "dselect" and "apt-get" are, of course, provided. The unique feature of Fink is that we can also install softwares from original source files using the "fink" command. "fink" parses package description (.info) files, creates .deb files, and carry out install/update/uninstall. In .info files, dependencies of the software, URI of the source files, the names of patches, how to compile, and so on are descripted, which enables "fink" to create .deb files. To get more detailed information, please see Fink - Documentation.

How to use the local packages

You can download .info files and required patches for Dennou-Ruby products and related softwares. After downloading them, put them into correct directory (normally /sw/fink/dists/local/main/finkinfo). In case "/sw/fink/dists/local" does not exist, make it yourself. Once you locate the .info and patch files on the proper directory, all you have to do is executing

$ sudo fink install name_of_package

If Fink fails to find the packages, rebuild your package cache by

$ sudo fink index


FinkDennou.tar.gz (9.7KB) includes all info and patch files.



If you have questions, bug reports, etc., please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will answer them to the best of my ability.

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